Hello, I am Julia.

Photography is something that has forever been a part of my life. Now that I have moved to Alabama, I am loving the beauty that is here.

When I'm not taking photos, I am an engineer at the largest marble mine in the world. If I'm not at work I am hanging out with my boys or my spouse playing with our cats, Pancake and Dusty, Marble or dog, Captain. I love a good TV show or true crime podcast. My hair changes colors all the time but typically blue is there somewhere. I'm LGBTQ+ welcoming always! As a neurodivergent person, my sessions represent that. What that means is it's full of movement and fun because that is just more comfortable for everyone! I can't wait to meet you and laugh while capturing beautiful photos along the way.

Boudoir by JD

Boudoir sessions now available

Boudoir sessions are back!! I have a brand new studio space that was designed for the most amazing boudoir experience. Mini sessions are now available that give you just a "tip your toe in" boudoir session. The full boudoir experience sessions are available as well.

Let's get you booked!

"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"




Gabrielle Richardson

1 / 5

"Julia is the best! You can truly feel her passion through her lenses. She really brings your ideas to life, she’s just amazing all way around. We love her!!!"

1 / 5